... women, sticks, balls ... must be Tuesday night!

Ellwood City
Pool League
Ellwood City Women's Pool League 2014-2015
Weekly scores and standings!
From Lori's desk ...
Here are the results of the 2014-2015 pool season!!
Tuesday night ... good friends ... good games!

Division A
Pour House
DD Originals
Division B
Hazel Manor
Keystone 2
Pour House 2
Hog Wild
West End
Saxon Club
Double Dealin'
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Week #3 - 10/21/2014

If your pool match was away last night, then you were a winner... all home teams lost! Scores as follows:

Keystone beat West End 7-3
Paramount beat Keystone-2 7-5
Breaker's beat Polish White Eagles 7-2
Shelby beat Pour House-2 7-4
Double Dealin' Originals beat Saxon Club 7-4
Ranch beat Double Dealin' 7-5
Pour House beat Hog Wild 7-6 (Maryann and Danielle 7th game winners)
Moose beat Hazel Manor 7-6 (Nita and Jay 7th game winners)

I will be posting the standings soon


Week #2 - 10/14/2014

Shelby beat West End 7-0 to record 1st shut-out of the season. Good job!
Breaker's beat Double Dealin' 7-1
Moose beat Hog Wild 7-2
Hazel Manor beat Pour House 7-2
Pour House-2 beat Keystone 7-5
Polish White Eagles beat Ranch 7-4
Paramount beat Saxon Club 7-1
Keystone-2 beat Double Dealin' Originals 7-1


Week #1 - 10/07/2014

Rainy start to the season! Believe me, I know, I got soaked delivering all the rosters! lol

Scores as follows:

Ranch 7 Keystone 2
Moose 7 Paramount 3
Breaker's 7 Pour House 2
Carol Baker had a table run to help get the win Tuesday for Breaker's. What a way to start the season! Good job!
Shelby 7 Double Dealin' Originals 2
Keystone-2 7 Hazel Manor 6
Polish White Eagles 7 West End 5
Pour House-2 7 Hog Wild 5
Saxon Club 7 Double Dealin' 4