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Pool Leagues

A night of food, dancing, and just a darned good time in celebration of the 2010-2011 ECWP season! There were approximately 250 members, sponsors, and guests in attendance at the Frisco fire hall! Jenny Crepp gave the invocation preceding our yearly feast.

Thank you gifts and thanks were given by Beth to and for the work done by the officers this year. A big thanks was given to Kim, Suzie, Lori and Patty from the Hazel Manor for the decorations and table arranging.Linda Anderson and Becky Britton were recognized with appreciation for their help at the banquet also.

The refs for the playoffs were recognized and thanked:
Deloras Daufen, Marita Keloski, Kim Gardner, Mary Sturges, Beth Fox Kerry, Becky Britton, Linda Anderson, Karen Lemanski and Shari Solomon.

And now the trophies:
Keystone 2 - League champions
IMBS - Runners up
1st place 'A Division' AND 1st place over all - Breaker's with a 21-1 record!
1st place 'B Division' - Polish White Eagles and their record was 18-4!
Winning streak of 12 games in a row - (info to come)
8 on the break - Kim Ripper
8 on the break (in playoffs) - Cindy McCandless
Break and run - Debo (Lisa) DiBattista
2 table runs - Carol Baker
Shut outs: Polish White Eagle - 3
IMBS - 2
Breaker's - 2
Hog Wild - 1
Hazel manor - 1
Keystone 2 - 1

Lori presented Jeannie McElwain with a planter full of beautiful flowering plants for all her work on the website. Lori also gave each member of the Keystone 2 team and the IMBS team members pictures from the final night of playoffs. Each all star player got a nice picture also.

And we had auctions! AND the last three numbers are ... There was a BBQ basket, contributed by the Ranch, that was won by Sherri Lesheski. A gas card from the league with a LOT of tickets in it's container, considering the price of gas, was claimed by Joyce Kraynak. A wine/bar basket, given by the Keystone sponsors, was snagged by Debbi Botti. The pool cue/case was grabbed up with the help of her ticket by Jean McElwain. The very patriotic basket donated by the Ranch will help Mary Lou Conley celebrate memorial Day. The good ol' fashioned picnic basket was taken home by Chris Sheeler. Elsie Dillie got her big wish and won the Wii! And Cassandra Pishionri went home a little richer having won the 50/05.

There were various other prizes and money envelopes given to winning ticket and playing card holding members.

And so went the 2010-2011 ECWP banquet! And as they say ... it was good!

Got any trips down memory lane? Funny stories to share? Questions to ask that someone else might have an answer for?

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