Ellwood City Women's and Men's
Pool Leagues

Ladies: if possible, please text final scores and any info you want to share about your game to Lori. While texting is preferred, if you have to call, she is still happy to hear from you! Good luck to all!
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1/23/29 to 2/27/08

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President: Karen Lemanski
Vice president: Beth Fox-Kerry
Secretary: Lori Coulter
Treasurer: Joyce Kraynak

Womens Pool League Play-offs Schedule
April 17, 2013
Start time: 7:30pm with minimum of 6 players. 8 players by 7:45pm. No add-ons after 8pm.

Today ... right now ... another beautiful day ... about 16 women began their day as home-makers, wives, girlfriends, employees, owners, Moms, friends ... and around 6:30pm they'll start taking on a different posture: (non lethal) gladiator-like ... at 7:30pm tonight the sound of balls snicking against one another ... cue up your mental music: Eye of the Tiger, Theme from JAWS, long drawn out drum roll ... this is it! Be at Hazel Manor tonight for the final showdown! Breaker's vs Hazel Manor ... all the teams in the league are great teams! But only two can end up here, on this night, and only one will get that last 8-ball ...

Good luck to both

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To yourself, respect
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As you know by now, the winners of the All Star Tournament were as follows:
Cheryl Mihalko - My House
Lori Coulter - Hazel Manor
Lacey McElwain - Keystone

There were 103 entries this year for a begining total of $204.00.

The 50-50 proceeds taken in added another $156.00 to the pot for a grand total of $360.00! This was divided 50%, 30%, 20% and with that formula, the payout was $180.00 to 1st place, $108.00 to 2nd place, and $72.00 to 3rd place.

Congratulations to Cheryl, Lori and Lacy for some awesome shooting!!

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Instead of cleaning house I just watch an episode of HOARDERS and think, "WOW! My house looks great!"
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Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's and like-a-Mom(s)! Also the Dad's that step up and become both Mom and Dad for their kids! Have a great day everyone!
Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. You'll have many opportunities to change a mood, but you'll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke.
Written/sung by Zach Sobiech
(5/3/95-5/20/13) for his girlfriend
Pour House
Keystone 2
Double Dealin'
1. Divide 50 by half and add 20.

2. Can you find the odd one out - "Stun", "Ton", "Evil", "Letter", "Mood", "Bad", "Snap", "Straw"?


Count the words in the above sentence. Now count the Fs in the above sentence. Add the number of words with the number of "Fs". What do you get?
HEY!! This spot is sittin' here empty just waitin' for YOU and an activity you want to share! Pool tournaments! Anything you'd like to invite anyone to and or share! Happenings! We need happenings!!
I know THE MODERATOR is ready for THIS info!!!! Here we go!! Ah, the BOLD PRINT!
Start date for the 2014-2015 WPL is October 7th! The start time is 7pm.
Your rosters, member names (legibly written, please), and dues of $10 each are due September 30th at the Hazel Manor between the hours of 7pm and 8pm. PLEASE be timely and prompt with your info and money that evening. You will receive your cue ball, receipt and rules at this time. ALSO!!! If you would like pool page updates sent to your email, please give an address.
We have several teams in need of players:
Double Dealin' 2: contact Susan at 412-908-1177
The Ranch: contact Sherry at 724-714-4625 or stop in at The Ranch
The Paramount: contact DeeDee at 724-544-9153
The Moose: contact Patty at 724-758-3840

Our first half ends January 6, 2015 and our second half begins January 13, 2015
Second half new member dues are to be paid by January 13, 2015 along with your second half sponsor fee of $50 BEFORE YOUR MATCH. Location to be announced at a later time.
Lori will figure out the divisions to be announced before the start of the new season and the first weeks schedule will be posted on here the week before our first matches.
Now the FINE PRINT ... aw heck, there IS no fine print!!
We will have a Thanksgiving break and a two week break for Christmas and New Years.
16 teams!!! Yes!!
The new teams are followed with *:
Polish White eagles
Hog Wild
Saxon Club
Hazel Manor
West End
Double Dealin'1
Double Dealin' 2* (NEEDS PLAYERS)
Keystone 1
Keystone 2
Pagley's Pourhouse 1
Pagley's Pourhouse 2*
Welcome back for another rousing, ball-busting season!!

@ Keystone
@ Paramount
@ Shelby
@ DD Originals
@ Hog Wild
@ Pour House 2
@ West End
@ Hazel manor
Our last game of the
ECWP 2014-2015 season!
Rack 'em up! And do it at 7pm!
March 24, 2015

Please note that Double Dealin' 2 is now called Double Dealin' Originals - DD Originals
What do you see?
Look at the middle of the picture. Allow your eyes to relax. Dont try to seriously focus on any part of the picture ... just stare at the middle and relax. After you 'get' the picture, you can move your eyes around to see the whole box.
"A" Division
Pour House
DD Originals
"B" Division
Hazel Manor
Keystone 2
Pour House 2
Hog WIld
West End
Saxon Club
Double Dealin'
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Results of the 2nd round of the Mens Play-offs are posted in detail on the Mens Stats page!


Breaker's: Jaime Lankford and Norma Tondt

Moose Club: Jay Shodd and Beth Fox- Kerry

Pour House 2: Amanda Bailes and Cheryl Milhalko

Hazel Manor: Lisa Loccisano and Kim Ripper

Pour House: Peg Fabio and Linda Fox

Hog Wild: Linda Anderson and Karen Lemanski

Ranch: Barb Johnston and Shari Salomon

Keystone 2: Cheryl Tribuzio and Sheri Bokor

Keystone: Marita Kelosky and Brittany Zilka

DD Originals: Cathy Edinger and Susan Hartman

Polish White Eagles: ??
The sites for the All-Star Tournament on Tues. 04/21/2015 are as follows:

At BREAKERS - Breaker's, Shelby, Paramount, Double Dealin' Originals

At WEST END - Keystone-2, Pour-House-2, Pour House, West End

At RANCH - Hazel Manor, Polish White Eagles, Ranch, Double Dealin'

At KEYSTONE - Moose, Saxon Club,
Hog Wild, Keystone

The final tournament will be held at Double Dealin' on 04/28/2015

Here we go, ladies!!!
The schedule for our first week of play-offs, MONDAY, 03/30/2015, is as follows:

Breaker's at Hog Wild
Shelby at Hazel Manor
Pour House-2 at Keystone-2
Polish White Eagles at Moose

Women who move on to playoffs can continue to accumulate points to try and become Overall MVP for the 2014-2015 season.

Good Luck to all!